2017-2018 Staff

Riley Ampt


You see that girl that pulls over to side of the road to pick wildflowers; the one that likes $2 ring pops rather than $1,000 diamond rings? Yeah, that's me. Hi, I'm Riley. I'm a sophomore at South Dearborn High School. I am currently...

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Caitlin Teaney

Features Reporter

Hello! My name is Caitlin Teaney, features reporter here at the SDHS Knight Times. I am currently 16 years old and a sophomore at our small town school. I am the second child out of three, but I say the cream is the best part of ...

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Courtney Teaney

Features Editor

Hi! My name is Courtney Teaney, and I am a senior at South Dearborn. After I graduate high school, I have plans of becoming a dentist. I love my family, my dog Harper, shopping, playing golf, and hanging out with my friends, but...

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Ashton Rayne Richards


In South Eastern Indiana born and raised. In my room where I spent most of my days, Creatin' out, Readin' relaxin' all cool. And all writin some stories outside of the school. When a teacher who was up to some good st...

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Megan Conley


Hi! I'm Megan Conley, I am a senior this year and am 18. After high school, I will be going to college to study dental hygiene. A few things I like to do are garden, binge watch Golden Girls and hang out with my cat, so  cle...

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