Dancing the Night Away: Prom Preview

Courtney Sledge, Copy Editor/ Reporter

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It’s the time of year where every SD student can become a prince or a princess. From the dresses and suits, the sparkling lights and pictures snapping left and right, prom is approaching fast. It is a night you want to remember and for the right reasons. Mrs. Bender and Mrs. Baxter are the lovely ladies who make prom happen along with the prom committee staff, and they had some information for students about the big event this year.

Tickets are $30 per person, and the permission slip must be turned in at the time of purchase. The special night is on April 21, 2017 and the location is at The Woodlands in Harrison, Ohio. “Around the World” is the theme that has been picked by the juniors on the prom committee. Mrs. Baxter has emailed out the table reservations, and there must be eight names to submit your form. No more. No less. 

Most importantly, the people going to prom need to know the time schedule listed below. Students need to make sure they have a ride waiting for them when the buses return if they do not drive.  It will be late and the adult chaperones want everyone to be safe and have a great time!

7:30 Doors open for introduction of prom couples

8:15 Start introductions

9:00 Prom begins at The Woodlands.

9:00 Music begins to play/begin serving food as students arrive

11:00 King and Queen coronation

1:00 Prom ends. Load buses for return trip.

1:10 Depart for South Dearborn High School

2:00 Arrive back South Dearborn High School

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Dancing the Night Away: Prom Preview