Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day at SDHS

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Love is in the air here at South Dearborn! Valentine’s Day is here, and these SD couples have been hit by Cupid’s arrow. Take a look at a few of SD’s most prominent couples and check out the advice they have about what it takes to have a good relationship:

Mr. & Mrs. Moorhead

Seniors Audrey Pennington and David Kennedy have only been dating for a year and five months, but they have known each other since they were in elementary school. Having once previously dated before in the 3rd grade, their relationship did not last as they were only children. “ We actually ‘dated’ in elementary school, but as children have short attention spans, that didn’t last long,” David explained. However, after they began to sit on the bus together the last school year, their friendship grew into something more. After talking romantically for a couple of months, David asked Audrey to be his girlfriend. David said, “I asked her out first. It was actually a really long, thought-out thing because I have a fear of rejection, and let’s be honest, she’s way too good for me.”  

Mrs. McCoy is a math teacher and Academic Team coach here at South Dearborn. She and her husband, Gary, have been together for 12 years and married for 10 of them. Their relationship began when a friend of Mrs. McCoy and a friend of her husband’s mother suggested that they go on a date. Upon first meeting him, Mrs. McCoy says she liked Gary immediately, “When he arrived at my house that evening, I was pleasantly surprised. His truck was spotless, and he had a goatee, which I liked.”  That night, they played penny slots together followed by dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. When asked what is they key to a good relationship, Mrs. McCoy replied, “The keys to a good relationship-respect, communication, and being genuine friends, as well.  You also have to remind yourself to do nice things every so often to let them know how much you appreciate them.”

Sarah Schimmel and Ethan Slaughter are sophomores here at South Dearborn. This couple, who first met at a pep rally in the 5th grade, have been dating for a year and eight months. Although their relationship did not begin immediately, their first impressions were strong. Sarah explained, “Nothing much happened when we first met, considering we were in fifth grade, but I knew that he was going to remain very important in my life.” Later on in their friendship, Sarah asked Ethan out. When asked which of Sarah’s attributes made him fall in love, Ethan replied, “I can rely on her. She makes me feel whole and brings me joy every day.” Sarah also had similar views on what she loved about Ethan. “The aspects that drew me to Ethan were that no matter what, he always knew how to make me smile. He is so caring towards everyone, and he was, still is to this day, such an amazing friend.”

Mrs. Moorhead has spent most of her career here at South Dearborn teaching chemistry and acting as a guidance counselor. Her husband, Mr. Rob Moorhead, is a former principal at SD. When Mr. Moorhead was in his 2nd year of teaching, Mrs. Moorhead moved here to begin teaching chemistry. From the time Mrs. Moorhead began teaching at SD, the students were trying to set Mr. and Mrs. Moorhead up on a date. “I was also the freshman cheerleading coach, and those girls were telling me about the cute ‘Mr. Moorhead’ during our practices in the summer before school started,” explained Mrs. Moorhead. Once Mr. and Mrs. Moorhead began dating, most of their dates occurred during school events, with their first date being at the first home football game of the season. Mrs. Moorhead recalled, “It was our first home football game in August, and he asked me if I needed a ride to the game… I thought it was a date, but he was actually keeping the clock in the booth, so we didn’t sit together!  We did go out to dinner after the game, so it was a date after all.” After time, Mr. and Mrs. Moorhead got engaged during a carriage ride in downtown Cincinnati. The next day, their engagement was announced to the entire school on the morning announcements. Mr. and Mrs. Moorhead got married on July 28, 1990 and will celebrate their 27th anniversary this year. When asked what is the key to a happy marriage, Mrs. Moorhead replied, “In my opinion, the key to a long and happy marriage is sharing.  You need to share things in common, share differences and share the best times of your lives together.”

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Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day at SDHS