Cainan Schaefer

Recently Knights finished 4th in sectionals: Two individual champs being Cainan Schaefer (Left) and teammate Austin Boggs (Right).
Picture credits: SD athletics

Recently Knights finished 4th in sectionals: Two individual champs being Cainan Schaefer (Left) and teammate Austin Boggs (Right). Picture credits: SD athletics

Courtney Sledge, Copy Editor/ Reporter

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What do most four year olds do? Play in the yard, go to preschool, etc… South Dearborn senior Cainan Schaefer did all of those things, but wrestling has also been a big part of his life since that age. Most people know his name and the outstanding record he holds here at SD, so let’s find out the facts that led him to who he is as a wrestler today.

Since he’s been wrestling for 14 years, one might believe that there must have been moments when he wanted to quit. However, when asked this question, he said, “No,I was raised around the sport, and my life has revolved around it.” His father, Jesse Schaefer, wrestled throughout high school . Cainan says that his father is “the biggest contributor to my success.” I asked him what his favorite memory of wrestling was, and he replied, “My all time favorite wrestling memory was when I won semi state and seeing my dad so excited for me.” Mr. Schaefer has pushed Cainan into the wrestling room and taught him to love the sport.

Mr. Gardner, a wrestling coach for SD, had good things to say about Cainan. He has seen a remarkable physical change since his freshman year to now. When asked about Cainan, Mr. Gardner said, “I remember him from since he was a little stud running around, and I him him in class, as well as my summer chemistry classes. I know that it will be a huge graduation loss, but Cainan wishes to continue his career at the college level, and we wish him the best”. Wrestling is a big part of his life, but he knows how to prioritize.When asked about his college plans and if he would continue wrestling, Cainan said, “I would definitely like to continue to wrestle after high school, but my priority is getting through college, so if it gets in the way I will be willing to give it up.”

Obviously, wrestling can make a big impact on physical growth and development. However, it’s not just about physical training. Cainan stated that it has affected his mental state, as well. He explained, “Wrestling has made me very strong mentally and has gotten me through many things in my life.”

His wrestling excellence is clearly evident . From being regional champion during his freshman year, semi state champion his sophomore year, semi state qualifier his junior year and state qualifier this year, his wrestling career has done nothing but grow and improve. Cainan has proven that there is so much more than just going on the mat and wrestling. It takes hard work, dedication, and an overall passion for the sport. Congratulations to Cainan for an outstanding wrestling career and we wish him good luck in college!

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Cainan Schaefer