Black Frost

Erica Leder

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This years semi formal winter dance was a blast. The loud music of Video DJ could be heard from the entrance of the school. People dressed in their best attire, laughing and smiling, ready to bust a move. The cafeteria was set up for people to eat and get off their feet. High heels were lying around everywhere, cast away by the ladies who could not tolerate them any longer. Everywhere you looked, there were cute couples dancing and friends talking over the music. From cookies to pigs in a blanket, the food selections were delightful. King A.J. Fox and Queen Mayce Lagaly won the cheers of the crowd. The theme of Black Frost was a win with the students, and the decorations were amazing. There was never a dull moment, you were either dancing, eating, or talking. This year’s dance gets two thumbs up from everyone.

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Black Frost