Fall Play Summary: Unplugged

Courtney Sledge, Copy Editor/ Reporter

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The fall play was a hit! Crowds of students and faculty took their seats in the auditorium. The lights went out and the play began. We roared with enthusiasm as the actors and actresses took their places on stage.  This year’s fall drama, Unplugged, was directed by Sarah Brown and performed on the SDHS stage on October 7th and 8th.

In the lead role, Josh Presley, portrayed the creator of a new technology that causes people to have their noses stuck in some type of device. He decided to have a break from the technology life and challenges his community to survive thirty days without technology. The audience sees how life without technology helps bring people together (with a few exceptions).

Kevin Grey’s lines about his virtual guinea pig brings elicited laughter from the audience, and the fight scene at the end between Josh and Blake Chapman brought jeers and cheers. They performed very well and the applause was well-deserved.

The cast takes a bow

The cast takes a bow

Along with Josh, Kevin, Blake, the cast included Elizabeth Yelton, Angelica Hollin, Cainan Baxter, Paige Kirkey, Kira Perez, Jenna Bowker, Delaney Rinck, Madeleine Earls, Kasey Disbro, Sierra Horsley, Jacob Polak, Roger Sebree, Charles Wilson, Lydia Bennett, Darcy Rose, Lindsay Kervin-Suesz, Sean Britton, Adam Colen, Alfred Russell.

When asked what she thought of the play, senior Emily Johnson said, “I liked the idea for the play because in today’s society, we are always wrapped up in technology.” With society, and our school specifically, being so technology-based, it was nice to have a play and see the fun side of what would happen if we had to go without our electronics. I know I wouldn’t be able to last thirty days!

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Fall Play Summary: Unplugged