Haunted Attractions

Courtney Sledge, Copy Editor/ Reporter

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Watch out for him at the Horror Hike!


Personally, this time of the year is my favorite. The trees shed off their layers of leaves as we put ours on. Boots, sweaters, hoodies, and scarves come out and the tank tops and shorts take their leave. The cold breeze makes your cheeks a rosy red, but you warm up with a nice mug of hot chocolate. October especially comes to mind when I think of fall. The pumpkins and decorations come out for Halloween. One thing that my family’s tradition is going to haunted houses. They give us a good scare and who doesn’t love that? I have come up with a few haunted attractions that will make your heart race!

The first haunted attraction is the Horror Hike and The Maze of Mayhem. It is located at the intersection of US 50 highway 50 and I-275 in Lawrenceburg, across from Party at Trav’s Fireworks/Halloween Express. They are open every Friday and Saturday in October, beginning at 7 to 7:30pm and will continue to sell tickets until midnight unless lines are greater than two hours occur. They have also decided to work on Sunday, the 30th, till 10pm. The price for the horror hike is $13 and the maze is free with that purchase. If you are just wanting to do the maze, it will be $5. I have personally been the the Horror Hike and The Maze of Mayhem, and the quote, “The Maze of Mayhem- You’ll be dying to get out” is definitely true. With this attraction, profanity and touching is allowed.

The second attraction is the Highway 50 Fright Field. They say, “The Highway 50 Fright Field breeds insanity, entertainment, and mayhem for all”. It is located on Highway 50 west of Cincinnati, near the Indiana/Ohio border. They are open every Friday and Saturday, closed for Halloween. They work from 8pm to midnight, weather permitting. This year they have a new attraction, The Night-Time Corn Maze. The prices are: $12 for adults and $10 for kids is for the haunted cornfield and woods, $8 for adults and $6 for kids is for the new corn maze, and the special combo that includes both would be $15 for adults and $12 for kids.

The nextattraction is the Sandyland Acres. It is located at 4172 Belleview Rd. Petersburg, KY 41080. They are open Friday and Saturday till the 29th of October. They work from 8pm till midnight, weather permitting. For the hayride, the cost will be $12, but the VIP ticket, that allows you to skip the line, is $20. They also have a attraction called Farmers Revenge that costs $10. I have also been to this attraction numerous times in my life. The actors, some of them SD students this year, give a lot of jump scares that sure get the heart racing.

The last option is the Lost Soul Asylum haunted house by the Aurora Firehouse on Dutch Hollow Road.

From walking in the woods to sitting down for a hayride, each attraction gets your adrenaline pumping. All do not work on Halloween and the times are weather permitting. They all are near us so you don’t have to travel too far to have a great time. It’s not too late to get scared this October.

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Haunted Attractions